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Workplace Assessments

​​​Employers have a legal duty to make Reasonable Adjustments for employees with a learning difficulty or disability.


Employees with Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD can ask there employee to make adjustments to help them work effectively​.


There are various ways to access support in the work place,  


Option 1

Diagnostic Assessment

If you have never had a diagnostic assessment, this is the logical starting point, a diagnostic assessment to identify your strengths, any areas of difficulty and make recommendations to assist in the workplace.  Depending on the difficulties encountered in the workplace, implementation of the recommendations made in the diagnostic assessment may be sufficient.  


Option 2

Diagnostic Assessment with Detailed Recommendations for the Workplace

The second option is a diagnostic assessment with more detailed workplace recommendations, which you can use to apply for support in the workplace through the governments Access to Work Scheme. Recommendations will be made for reasonable adjustments, assistive technology and job coaching, if appropriate, but Access to Work will make specific recommendations on software and costings.  


Option 3  

Assessment of Need in the Workplace

The ideal scenario is for this to take place after a full diagnostic assessment,  as completing on assessment will provide me with a through understanding of your profile meaning I am ideally placed to make recommendations.   If you have already have a diagnostic assessment it may be possible to complete a assessment of work place requirements without completing another full diagnostic assessment.  


The assessment of need in the work place will provide suggestions  strategies and make recommendations for support and technology, you will hen apply to  Access to Work who will complete the costings and undertake a more general workplace needs assessment. 


Option 4

Full Workplace Needs Assessment

Following a full diagnostic assessment, the final option is to have Work Place Needs Assessment. If you choose this option, you will be able to apply for Access to Work and no further assessments should be needed.  


For both options 2 , 3 and 4 your employer will need to have some input and I will need to have a detailed understanding of you job role and the environment you work in and there may be a cost implication for your employer.


More information about Access to Work can be found here

more information about reasonable adjustments in the workplace can be found here



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